Sasha's involvement in the broadcasting media from a very young age brings great benefit to the company. Qualified with a law degree she has decided to venture into this field. Her contacts with directors, scriptwriters and models enable her to put together an excellent cast for the movies and commercial advertisements for the media.
She will be coordinating the entire operations of the company including assisting Mohd Yusin in sourcing for all projects undertaken by Snap Productions.

Sasha A. LLB (Hons) – Managing Director

Mohd Yusin has been in the entertainment industry for the last 6 years. He has extensive experience in Tele movies, commercials advertisement and printed media.
His networking and ability to place them out, the print media and broadcast media is greatly beneficial to our clients. His background enables him to also oversee all projects and source funding for Snap Productions' project. With his influence in the industry we believe the company under his guidance will reach great heights.

Mohd. Yusin Bin Mohd Yatim – Chief Executive Officer

Elson, a award winning director and audio engineer is experienced in the audio/video production field for almost 16 years. Starting from album recordings to mixing & mastering, he has now develop skills in film directing.
He will be heading the project & post production team.
Nelson is also Snap's Head Editor who takes major editing works for feature films, corporate videos and Music Video.

Elson Tommas – Project Director & Post production

The Team